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Rife Generator 3.4 Serial Key

Can produce all Frequencies in the range of 1 to 20 million hertz in.01 Hz Increments. The GB4000 can output Audio and high RF frequencies. It can operate as an audio frequency generator, or a high frequency generator. Produces digitally accurate frequencies using a digital signal processor. Output is converted to analog for full analog harmonics.

Rife Generator 3.4 Serial Key

Incorporates a 3.1 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) carrier wave technology. The machine can be used as a standard low audio. Produces the same harmonics as a ray tube. - NOW with an optional plasma tube Full LCD Display - no hidden program numbers like other frequency machines. The GB4000 Allows you to program your own frequencies and groups of frequencies (2000 custom channels available, each channel stores up to 48 frequencies). Computer programmable software included.

Can run single or multiple frequencies (up to 8 frequencies simultaneously). Incorporates gating or pulsing capabilities from 1 - 5000 Hz with a 10 - 90% duty cycle. The GB4000 is capable of running both sine wave and square wave waveforms in RF mode. Channel sweep capabilities in all 2000 channels. Chanel sweep from 1 - 10000 Hz Capable of running both narrow and broad range sweeps.

Capable of running converge sweeps to 20 million hertz. Offers 4 outputs (other frequency generators have only 2 outputs). Most other frequency machines only have 2 outputs The GB4000 is 9 times more powerful than other audio frequency generators.

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