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Silent Hunter 3 Merchant Fleet Mod Download

My thanks to Art Anker for this gem. I'll quote his post from my forum here so you can hear it from the master. I'm posting this because 'Captain' Gruner's advice and tactics also apply to the SH4 Pacific Theatre. Want to watch the Bud movie files without starting up the SHCE game? The 16 BUD movie files from the SHCE BUD directory are SMK files.

SMK is short for 'Smacker' and it is a video format (like.avi,.mpg, used in many games like SHCE. I stumbled on an older version of this tool that will play and convert the older SMK movies found in SHCE:. After installing SmkTools.exe, you can play the approx 25 min of great advice from the old man himself; 'Captain' William P. 'Bud' Gruner! You can also convert the SMK files to AVI and WAV, etc. Bud answers questions like, on a fleet boat at 6 knots submerged your battery will last abt 6 hours (although most submerged operations are performed at 3 kts). (movie 11.SMK) One thing to keep in mind is that these files are still copyrighted so you need your own SHCE CD.

Silent Hunter 3 Merchant Fleet Mod Download

Rife Generator 3.4 Serial Key. There are other 'supermods' such as Living Silent Hunter 3. Merchant fleet mod 3.2. Where do i download sh3 commander i have gwx 3 #11.

It would probably be illegal to 'share' these or post them to YouTube but I would think you can certainly watch your copies. What I did was install SmkTools.exe by double clicking it after downloading it. Then I made a folder on my HD called SMK_MOVIES and copied the 16 movies from the CD into this folder.

There are also a few SMK movie files in the SILENT CINES directory - I've never seen some of these. Also, there may be extra footage in the 16 BUD movies - not sure about that, but it seems like I've never seen all of these either (Huh??). Anyway then start 'Smacker Tools' From 'All Programs' select the Play tab and browse to where you copied your SMK files. Happy Hunting!

Art PS: I installed this on a XP Pro SP3 OS. The main purpose of this patch is to correct some historical inaccuracies in Silent Hunter. It gives all of the S-class boats their historical hull numbers, modifies the layout and/or performance of some classes of subs to reflect historical wartime specifications, and corrects a few annoying little things in the game like engaging the enemy in a surface gun action while cruising along at 35-foot keel depth. It will also allow you to mount the deck gun forward on the deck of those fleet-class subs that have them mounted aft. It gives the player five options to implement in the game. You may select any or all of the options to install, or choose to restore all options to their original factory settings.

This program changes the dimensions of the merchant ships in Silent Hunter to make the sizes of the merchant ships you encounter in the game variable and perhaps more realistic. The warships in the game are NOT affected at all by this patch, it only modifies the length, beam, draft, and displacement of the merchant ships. It does NOT alter any of the ships' actual appearance, so a 9000-ton tanker will look exactly like a 16,000-ton tanker in the game. However, the changes this patch make ARE reflected in the Ship ID Book, so you can see what each vessel's dimensions are after you run the program.

You can use this program in conjunction with the batch file SILENT.BAT included in the package to automatically change the merchant ships' dimensions each time you start the game. This small utility modifies the default rank of Commander for Silent Hunter skippers. This new version allows you to select either Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, or Captain as the rank. Historically, most submarine CO's were Lt. Commanders or Commanders but there were a few exceptions. The rank of Lieutenant was added because many of the S-boats at Manila in the beginning of the war had commanding officers who were Lieutenants.

This utility cycles through all of your saved career games and gives you the option to change the crew's experience level. This program is a save game editor for Silent Hunter. It allows you to change the individual submarine you've been assigned in your career campaigns.

Each submarine's availability is limited by the date during the war when the game was saved. In other words, you can't go patrolling around Luzon in January 1942 in a TENCH class sub. The S-Class boats represented in NEWBOAT all have their historical hull number designations instead of the ones used in Silent Hunter. For example, the S-36 is given its historical hull number (SS-141) instead of the one it's given in Silent Hunter (SS-36).

NEWBOAT also makes a distinction between the SALMON and SARGO class submarines. NEWBOAT will also allow you to change the name of the commander. NEWBOAT only supports career campaign games saved while IN PORT. This means that once you select a different boat and go out on a patrol, you're stuck with it until you return to port. This program lets you choose your patrol zone for single missions and career patrols. Be sure to read PZPick's help screen for more detailed user instructions. This patch changes the original yellow faced dials in your Silent Hunter gauges station screen with a few color changes and an easier to read depth gauge.

This is a Ship ID Book for Windows. Use it to browse through all the Japanese warships and merchant vessels, search for a particular class of ship, and print out a hard copy to use while on patrol.

After you download it, just double-click the downloaded file idbook10.exe in Windows. The setup program will run and install the ID Book to your Windows desktop. Each sound file is described below. Just copy each over the original in the appropriate Silent Hunter directory. First either re-name the original files or save copies of them just in case you want to restore them. 41.mel is a new machine gun sound for enemy aircraft. Port.raw is a new departing and entering port sound with brass band.

Do0067.raw is not drastically new, but fixes a 'procedural' fix so the OOD calls out 'surface' three times IAW 1938 procedures. 40.mel is a new AA gun sound for your boat. It consists of 20mm and 50 cal mixed. 34.mel is a new gun sound for the deck gun.

A little more umph! Manaa.raw is a little different way you'll know your AA guns are manned.

Radio.raw has a little incoming morse code added. Secureaa.raw informs you that AA Guns are secured. Xo0001.raw is a new below test depth guy. 2deep.raw is another new guy telling you you are too deep! Do0061.raw is new Crash Dive words and guy.

36.mel+37.mel+38.mel are new/modified hull creaking sounds. Chlrgas.raw is modified with a new voice and tells you 'an hour maybe more'. Acspot.raw has a lookout crying out 'Enemy fighters'. This is a very limited demo of Silent Hunter 1.0.

The zip file contains an executable which will extract the demo files to the directory you execute it in. To upgrade Silent Hunter V1.0, V1.01, V1.11 or V1.2 to V1.3 use the following procedure: 1. Download the file to a temporary folder. Extract and then double click the shv13.exe file in order to extract the following files: Sh13.exe Patch.bat readme shv13 3.

The readme shv13 file explains how to install the 1.3 patch. This patch will upgrade Silent Hunter V1.3 to V1.31. Procedure: 1. Copy the file to your default Silent Hunter directory (e.g., C: SILENT or C: Program Files SSI Silent Hunter). Go to your Silent Hunter directory.

Double click sh131.EXE to extract the patch file. To run the new v1.31 of Silent Hunter, type SH at the prompt. This is a zip file containing a '.scr' screen saver file for your Windows PC. Tukacad Software Download Cracked there.

This is a 'pdf' file of a radar plotting grid template you can use while on patrol in Silent Hunter. This is a 'zip' file containing two '.bmp' image files of the Japanese merchant ships you will encounter during a Silent Hunter patrol. The merchants are depicted with and without their running lights.

It is a great identification tool. This zip file contains the 'DIG.INI' and 'MID.INI' sound configuration files, and the HKCU registry fix file referenced in our articles for installing Silent Hunter in and. This freeware utility, created by David Sandberg, can calculate optimal intercept solutions for any target for which you can supply distance, heading, bearing and speed information. This can be used to determine both weapon and vessel intercepts. The EPOPTC is a program that simulates the role of the Plot Officer. It makes it easy to plot accurate intercept solutions for targets and weapons.

The key to success in any warfare is to know more about your enemy than he does about you! In submarine warfare this is achieved by being able to remain submerged and thereby stalking the target. To do this successfully you have to anticipate the target's next move.

Plotting the target and thereby calculating the target's speed and course is the only way to achieve this. With this information an attack plan can evolve, and hopefully a successful attack can take place. The key to it all is Radar Plotting! With accurate Radar Plotting, attacks can be successful even if you never even see your target! This manual will take you through the different steps in making a successful attack using some simple tools that make any sub-skippers life a real joy. The included tools are the Radar Plotting Device, the Course Calculator, the Range Calculator, the Sonar Bearing Plotter, and the Manual TDC.

The ENOPTC program simulates the role of the Navigation Officer, making course plotting realistic and accurate. The ECOPTC program converts plain text messages into enciphered text and deciphers enciphered messages. It uses a simulation of the coding machine used on US subs in WW II.

This tool lets you change Silent Hunter data files. It includes a New Maru Function which is similar to. It is fairly simple to use and will work in Windows Vista. Just read the documentation and follow the user-friendly menu system. You can change the following data: The patrol area. The submarine type and name.

The Salmon/Sargo Class submarine specifications. See warning note on use!!

The deck gun position (fore or aft), but only on fleet submarines. The crew experience level. The torpedo load (type of torpedoes, and distribution into tubes and racks).

You can reload fuel and ammo for the gun. The departure date. The tonnage, length, beam and draft of the nine Maru types found in Silent Hunter. But not all can be done at once; it depends on your patrol status (in harbor or on patrol).

The newest version is labeled Torpedo Change Tool Version It has the added haze button to help correct the 'disappearing fog' problem when you save a game and restart it. A glitch in the program will make the fog disappear and you may get caught on the surface by the enemy.

This new version will help correct that by letting you load the last roster file that the fog was occurring in and thus help keep you from getting attacked because of the disappearing fog effect. The patrol report data tool can extract data from a Silent Hunter career file. It can only extract data from a career in harbor. What do you do? Play the game as usual.

When it's over and you've reached the harbor, Silent Hunter generates a report. Some of the data from this report is saved in your career file. It's this data that the program lays its greedy hands on. Use the PRDT to extract this data, from the last patrol (and the only patrol in the career ).

Copy the data that the program extracted to the clipboard, then paste it into a word processor of your choice. Silent Hunter Keyboard Shortcuts: Articles.