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Software Testing An Istqb-iseb Foundation Guide Rapidshare

Software Testing An Istqb-iseb Foundation Guide Rapidshare

Books are available for purchase on Foundation Level – English Language: Foundations of Software Testing – ISTQB® Certification, 3rd ed., Rex Black.

Many testers who want to pass ISTQB ask me how to pass ISTQB Foundation Level easily. Most of them are from India.

If you are from India, you have two choices to make while taking ISTQB Exam – You can appear the exam from 1. NSEiT Center – This is conducted by Indian Testing Board 2. Prometric or PearsonVue Centers – Exam conducted by BCS ISEB – UK Testing Board So the question is “ Can I take the exam from Prometric/PearsonVue – UK Board exam while I am in India?” The answer is ‘Yes’. ISTQB is an International Certification Board for Software Testing. Indian Testing Board (ITB) or BCS ISEB (UKTB) or any other boards such as Canada, ASTQB, Australian board etc. Are approved national boards who can conduct exams. It is not necessary that you have to take the exam from that particular country board if you are a citizen and resident of that country.

So let me answer some frequently asked questions about ISTQB exam and boards – 1. What is the difference between ISTQB Certification and ISEB Certification? This is a wrong question. ISEB is a board – the full form is Information Systems Examination Board, it is not an exam.

ISTQB Certification is the exam which ISEB can also conduct, same as Indian board or any other national board can do. And let me tell you ISEB has other exams such ITIL or BA exam apart from ISTQB Foundation or Advanced Level exams. ISEB (now called BCS) is equivalent to ITB/ANZTB/ASTQB/CSTB etc.

All of them can conduct the ISTQB exams – Foundation/Advanced Level etc. Does this answer your question? No more confution on what is the difference between ISEB and ISTQB. So what is difference among ISTQB exams conducted by ISEB and ITB or any other board? Technically, no difference. All the boards use the same syllabus, same exam pattern, same questioning guidelines, same number of questions in the exam, same passing marks, and same exam time duration; probably even the same question bank. It is like buying an iPhone from different country, you get the same iPhone but with different sales invoice/bill depending on from which country/vendor you bought it.

Which board is more popular or has more ‘value’? Stupid question. IPhone purchased in which shop has more value? All board has same weightage, all certificates issued by each board are accepted worldwide. There are thousands of Indian Testers who had passed the ISTQB exam in India, and they are working in USA. They did not have to appear the ISTQB exam conducted by ASTQB again when they go to USA.

Their Indian Board ISTQB certificates are accepted without any question. This is true for any location/country. Does the certificate look different? Based on which board has issued the certificate, the look/template of the certificate will be different. The iPhone bill in India will be different from iPhone bill template in USA or China, even though the product iPhone is same. But all the certificates will carry ISTQB Logo and will have a valid certificate serial number which can be validated from the board’s website.

Prometric or PearsonVue centers are available in every city/country. Does that mean I can take ISTQB from any Prometric/PearsonVue center? Yes, Prometric/PearsonVue center conducts only BCS- ISEB Board exam for ISTQB. That means if you attempt exam from Prometric/PearsonVue centers, you are attempting from UKTB, which is valid worldwide. Can I choose between country specific board center or I should go for Prometric/PearsonVue center exam? Absolutely your choice. Country boards have different exam centers, for example NSEiT for India, Kryterion for USA.

You can choose anything that you would like – depending on center location, exam availability date etc. Which one do you prefer – Prometric/PearsonVue center OR specific country board exam centers?

Personally, I prefer Prometric/PearsonVue center. Why it is because – in Prometric/PearsonVue you can schedule the exam online and you can choose your own exam date and time. The results are declared as soon the exam is over. The exam centers are available all over the world.

The other country board has specific exam date in a month – for example in India, you have to book your exam based on their monthly exam schedule. Your payment draft has to reach to the ITB office at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. The rescheduling of the exam is complex. In Prometric/PearsonVue centers the things are lot easier. I started this post as how to pass ISTQB exam quickly and easily in India. One option is to attempt exam from UK Board, without having to wait for monthly exam schedule.

How to register for UK Board exam from India (or any other country)? You can either visit a nearest Prometric or PearsonVue center and register for ISTQB exam or visit / The exam code in Prometric Center is BCS ISEB BH0-010 The exam code in PearsonVue Center is BCS ISEB SWT Foundation Certificate The best way is to visit your nearest Prometric or PearsonVue center and ask them about the exam. They will be able to help you. See for more details. 9. Why should I buy premium study materials? Most of the study materials available in the google/other sites are more than 10 years.

Even the free sample papers available in our site are old and they are good only to practice. The actual exam pattern and questions are different. We have prepared the premium study materials in such a way that matches current syllabus and exam pattern. Premium questions are custom created and most the students who purchased our custom materials have passed the exam with high score. We have recently added Video tutorials and audio mp3 files for your easy preparation, which no one else is providing. Will the premium study material help me even when I am not appearing from Prometric/Pearson Vue center?

This is a generic study material prepared with the current syllabus and keeping in mind the exam pattern. From the past experience, we can surely say that this has helped lots of aspirants around the world. Just look at the variety of study materials we have included. A perfect material for quick and easy preparation. 11. Why should I buy premium study materials from ISTQB.Guru? has been preparing its own self study materials for years. Thousands of ISTQB aspirants have passed exam with our study materials. There are few fake websites which has recently come up in the internet claiming they have premium study materials – all of them copy materials from us, and sell those bunch of copied stuff at a higher price. They often sell products using 3rd party websites, having no traces to the real person behind it. There are many other websites who are selling the similar premium packages. Are those same as ISTQB Guru’s package? Let us tell you – there are 2-3 websites (one major website and another scam website) are selling similar products. is the pioneer and the first website who created and compiled authentic premium study material package since 2009. The other scam websites started copying our method and even trying to charge more ( 50 dollars) for the same copied materials. They ask you to download directly from the website after paying online. You don’t know what you will be getting as a material.

They are anonymous. And if you see the language they used in the webpage, they are exactly copied from us.

Poor guys, don’t know how to write their own content. When you send us an inquiry to buy our materials, we, real human being, respond to your specific questions. You pay us only when you are satisfied with your questions. You will know our real names. We will answer your questions via Facebook Messaging and even we are planning to add Whatsapp support shortly. Why to buy from re-sellers/plagiarist (who don’t pay us royalty)?

They are always falling behind us when we constantly update our materials. I have already paid via Paypal/Bank Transfer. But I have not received the materials yet. Installer Via Hd Audio Deck more. What should I do?

If you have already paid, do not worry. We are working on your order. Your money is safe with us. We will send you the materials as soon as possible after the confirmation of the payment. Bank sometimes takes few hours to confirm the payment.

Give us few hours, we will reply within 24 hours usually. If you are in a hurry, please send us an email with the following details – Your name/how you paid/your paypal email address (if paid by Paypal) or bank name/branch location/transaction reference etc. If you paid with some other person’s account, please let us know the details of that person.

You can contact us via our (click on Message button) too, if you do not get a reply to your email. We will make sure that we reply with whatever first possible medium.

Whatsapp support has been launched for our paid customers only. The number is +91 981-869-1504. You can message us after you have paid. Please do not call this number.

This number does not accept calls. How can I contribute to the website? Do you compensate for contribution to this website? Are you an expert in software testing?

Are you already ISTQB certified? If the answer is yes, you can write content for us related to ISTQB exam preparation, question creation and content review, then we can compensate you appropriately.

Please contact us through our facebook page. We will take your proposal from there. ISTQB guru is the authentic study material provider for ISTQB. When you communicate with us, you will know you are talking to a real person. Don’t fall victim to online scam.

If you have any questions, you can directly talk to us using. Needless to say, the above post is applicable for any country including India. I hope this would help answer some the frequently asked questions around ISTQB Foundation Level exams including common questions like what is the difference between ISEB and ISTQB, ISTQB vs ISEB. Practically there is no difference between ISEB and ISTQB certification for Foundation Level Exam.

If you have any further questions, use the comment form to ask. I will try to answer. How can I buy your package urgently? I want to download the package instantly and start my preparation now. Sure, we have now added option to buy our package instantly without communicating to us. Click on the Download Now link below and pay using your credit card.

Apply this 20% discount/offer code ISTQBGuru at checkout. What if I don’t like the package after I purchase it? We hope everyone will decide intelligently before purchasing any digital product. Google Sketchup Pro 2013 Keygen Download Safe. Our product is a digital downloadable product and once it is downloaded or sent via email, we cannot control the inventory. Therefore, we cannot refund the money.

Please understand and decide before you commit to purchase. We are happy to answer any questions you might have before you make a purchase. I have taken ISTQB Foundation Level Certification on 21st March, 2015 (Pearson VUE) and waiting for my certificate. I have to submit copy of Certificate in my office for reimbursement quickly within 2 days, since Financial year is closing by this month, If i submit after wards, there is no claim for that.

Now my question is 1. How many days exactly will take to get my copy of certificate? Is there any way to see my exam result or my certification number through online or your website? Please reply to my questions •. Longer time means how many days?

Can you please tell me in which way i can get results online? I have passed the exam, after completion of my exams exam center has given a form says that i have passed the exam. But for reimbursement it is not sufficient, HR people asking me to show completed certification details in online, like if we take exam in Indian testing board, they are displaying results from online in the following link In the same way HR people asking me to show your results online. If I know before llike this ISEB, then i cannot take exam with your board, this is too much, for getting copy of certification you people are taking greaterthan 4 weeks, that to everyone is telling that to get copy of certification it will take longer time, but really you d’nt know how many days it will take, really disappointed me for this kind of answer I am getting.

If the thing is like this i will inform my friends that d’nt go with your board beacause if we PASS the Exam also, there is know tracking status through online, it’s a foolish thing. ISTQB UK based exam is simpler from other board exam. –>That’s not correct. All boards conduct exams based on the same syllabus. I would not expect any board to be simpler than another one.

ISTQB UK and US board got merged in 2010 and now they have same exam paper. UKTB and ASTQB conduct different exams from the same syllabus as mentioned above. Dumps are available only for ISTQB UK board exam and not for any other board exam. –>What do you mean by dumps here?

Do you mean actual exam questions? And how do you know for sure?