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Alien Head Pepakura Files Foam

Doll joints works great when putting together the bicep/forearm, and the thigh/shin. Might be a good alternative to the clips I use (and maybe available in the US?) _______ How to sharpen a blade. You're allowed to disbelieve: I use the same blade since april. I'm a tightwad.

If foam by itself is able to blunt a blade, then something as soft as foam may also sharpen it. The main trick is NOT to take an aggressive nor fierce material. No whetstone, no grindstone, no polishing Dremel tip, not event the thinest sanding paper. Something just like Death, in ' Reaper man' from Terry Pratchett, is sharpening his scytheblade using wind and moonlight until it can even cut a conversation. Sharpener multipurpose SANSON cristal - Precise and fine sharpening A single and light pass, your blade slides between two tungsten slabs, it takes half a second, and then it cuts better than when it was new. It's not a joke. It really cuts better than when it was new.

5 years guarantied. It makes my life a thousand times easier. I don't know how I could do without for so long. _________________________________ ArmorAsylum video(s): Well it's me, in fact. On Cullen Cosplay video(s): He's one of us. If you don't recognize his face, you'll recognize his work ^^ Aside the flowers he sends me, he shows and explains for real how to use foam along with the templates available on this thread.

Trust it's much more efficient than reading 50 pages. Keep tunned on. Dear users from the entire world, When you watch a video movie, le last ten minutes are always the same: a black screen with a OST's main title, and a three miles long list of names of peoples that did a thing for this movie. Garmin Installazione Poi E Autovelox Fissi. From the realisator to the restroom guy #4, everybody has his name minutely put down.

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It's shamely boring, and incredibly useless since meenwhile the whole audience is already trying to find back where they've parked their car (and they miss the short hang-up at the very end), BUT credits and casting remains at the end of every movie because it's imposed. And there is a reason why.

TheRPF is a nice and bucolic place, where we can learn, expound, watch, submit, exchange and share knowledge. We often swagger, sometimes learn, and rarely inquire (re-sort on your own), because it's obviously the way a common forum works well. It must not be a reason to share all and everything, of course, and we have to keep in mind that, just as in a movie, some support and knowledges would not even exist wihtout long time contribution and devotion of REAL people, who happened to spend non-stop long months elaborating concrete and accurate ressources.

(And to share it, of course, since an unshared ressource is not a ressource). We can definitively not crop up and claim 'have a look at the nice JFcustom's tower I buit out of matches in two hours only', when it remains in fact an Eiffel tower which I moded original plans to use maches as main material insted of steel. Around here we do not deal with credits.

Alien Head Pepakura Files Foam

Those who have tryed can't talk about anymore. That's why I should have renamed each file inside my *.rar befor sharing it whith you. Just like at the end of movies. It can seem also boring and useless, but it has to be seen as a moral obligation for each of us not to disassociate a creation and its creator.

And remember nobody can pretend having invented the Purpule Pig only by painting a pig in purple. But the worse is yet to come. Just like you I downloaded files, revise them for my own use, bought foam, and built a suit, wihtout asking whatever to anybody.

That's fine, TheRPF is here for that too. After having been asked for, and when my turn finaly came to share these modifyed files, I quickly made a zip without inquiring about protocol nor permission from nobody. For an Eiffel Tower id would have been different, G.Eiffel died in winter 1923. But robo3687 and darkside501st did not.

And as such, they legitimately want to know what happend to the original files they've shared, what do these files become between our hand. Especially they may want to be notifyed when their files are tunned, and above all they may want to retrive and check new packages in order to allow or no their public distribution. Oh remorse, remorse, robo3687 for Iron Man Mark IV and darkside501st for Iron Man Mark VII, please be kind enough to forgive an irresponsible and careless frenchie who stole your awsome 3D models you spent a crazy long time to complete, a single guy that finaly did only try to make your work more reachable for most of us, those who can't aford spending half a year to build a cosplay. I apology for all the inconvenience, and promise that by now I won't swift away official protocol channels. But please, it does not seem that users on this thread would like me to stop posting tips I use, nor files I mod.

Just let them keep using your work with tips I explain, and allow an access to these files. The more your work will be used, the more consequentialy will grow your notoriety. Well, files are renamed, creators credited, humble apologyes done. Can we please go on now and proceed to dl-links resurection?

Users are queuing. That was quite a grandstand. Listen, I personally think it is no big deal to modify an existing file (in this case a pepakura file). I did not know anything about your work on this until you contacted me at the request of the RPF Team. So long as you are not claiming these files were developed by yourself then I do not see any problem with you sharing your building techniques and your foam templates of my pepakura files. I do appreciate you putting my name back on the files as I would like people to know where they originated from. I think it is great that you have taken such a common sense approach to foam building, modified the templates to reflect that, and then shared your build with the other members here on the RPF.

That is what this site is here for after all. So I say share on. Live and learn. Now you know one thing that will get you a slap on the wrist so to speak.

A quick example of the cheapest pivoting juncture ever: from a plastic bottle spare all parts cut the bottleneck this way glue the ring inside the border of a round hole in the upper foam piece glue the bottleneck trough a second hole in the lower foam piece and reassemble the same it primarily was. Screw the plug back, you're done. WOW ARE U SERIOUS!! Great idea man!, i've been trying to think of alternative to the chicago screws that tend to always come off the glue or unscrew them selves some how. Those rivets on your thigh to shin points how are the pivoting?

You must be using a longer post right? LOVE THE TIPS. Definitely gonna help a lot!

Does anyone have pepakura files for the armor? If not how about 3d files of them? After seeing the Halo armor on the 405ths site I think this is a cost effective (although time consuming) method for me to build. Starting to consider using Jan Rukr's paper M41A and beefing it up for my first PR.

Any other Aliens pep files would be great too. Found a site that has a face hugger in one of the speciman holders that looked super cool. Any help would be appreciated. Last edited by on Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:55 pm, edited 2 times in total. Just a note on Pepakura Designer, if you want to export files (change to bitmap) you have to buy the keycode.

But the Pep Viewer will print if you have a printer. I am about 1500 miles from home and no printer available were I am staying so I dished the $$ for the password so I can convert the files so I can take the files to a local print shop.

As I have read on the 405ths forums if you want to build armor your going to have to spend some $$$,lol. I wouldnt have this problem if I was at home. Im also going to try to use the files as patterns on craft/hobby foam, a technique I found on armor building site for LOTR elf may not have to use the fiberglass and resin which should save me alot of cash They used craft foam, elmers glue and something like cheesecloth for backing/reinforcing. I did some tests with the foam and I think this will work.

Also some cool aging techniques. Here is the link if anyone is interested: Regards, Nemesis.