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Cs-f50 Software Download

The IC-V8000 is a high power (75 watts) 2 metre radio, it will draw about 15 amps on transmit. Also you might want to make sure your antenna SWR is low about 1.5:1. If you are not receiving anything at all I suspect you may have an antenna issue and this will also effect your transmit as well as the radio will protect its self by reducing the output to almost nothing if the antenna has a high SWR. If you don't have an antenna analyzer check with another amateur radio operator they may know someone who does.

Cs-f50 Software Download

Popular Icom Cs-f50 Programming Software Ic-f50 Ic-f60 Ic-f51 Ic-f61 questions, problems & fixes. Find expert solutions to common issues. Cloning CS-F50 using usb port. Do you have a USB programming. I believe you may find a service manual on BAMBA's website to download for free. The auto tuner is factory set to. Aug 27, 2017 - Here at Radiotronics, we've had our own collection of Motorola two way radio USB programming leads made – all compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10. We've put together this handy reference chart which outlines the Motorola part number and our alternative. Historically, prior to the MOTOTRBO.

Your local amateur radio club most likely will have someone who help you solving your antenna problem. 133 views 0 helpful votes. Hello, You will need the service manual to be able to do this and you will also need to purchase a 150 ohm carbon film resistor (no wire wound resistors) to simulate a 3:1 SWR to reset the onboard auto tuner base line for SWR.

I believe you may find a service manual on BAMBA's website to download for free. The auto tuner is factory set to work up to a 3:1 SWR before it gives up trying to match the antenna. So, this is a resistor you will need or make up a 150 ohm load using a combo of resistors as long as they are not wire wound types.

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