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Freescale Serial Bdm Programmer

For implementing on-line programming of Freescale HCS12 series MCU, designing a common downloading programmer which functions include chip selection, erase and write operations. Designing a database where Freescale HCS12 MCU Flash difference parameter values ​​placed, so achieving HCS12 MCU family online programming versatility. Erase and write machine codes are provided in the RAM area of Flash memory, these codes will be run at high voltage, these codes are relocated from Flash to RAM area for improving flash operation stability during the high voltage. According to BDM communication theory, we have developed a separate BDM serial communication program, the target device only receives the user code from the programmer, programmer does not need send opcode and the address information, not waiting for a command, so, increasing the erase and write speed. The programmer has the versatility and easily using. Abstract: A calculator design was created using S3C44B0X chip with ARM7TDMI as the kernel with a keypad connected to a ZLG7289A intelligent control chip through SIO synchronous serial ports as well as a LED port. The system design used hybrid programming with C language and ARM assembly language to accomplish basic calculations with LED digital display.


The structured frame design makes it convenient to expand the functions of S3C44B0X, and has broad practical importance for developing uses for the built-in system both in software and hardware. Abstract: The purpose of this article is to study and devise pulse signal source of electrical discharge machining(EDM). The technology of EDM is the necessary key technology in various processing methods. Electrical discharge machining pulse power aims to convert the industrial frequency alternating current into certain frequencies pulse current to supply energy for electrode discharging to removal metal. Pulse power generator, controlled by an embedded MCU, can produce high voltage or low voltage discharge pulse waveform. After the research on characteristics and principles of many pulse powers, a novel, intelligent, high frequency pulse power supply with adjustable amplitude, frequency and duty is developed which has a favorable foreground in engineering application and a great theoretical significance. This paper is to realize the design of EDM pulse signal source based on the method of combining single-chip computer and complex programmable logic devices (CPLD), to satisfy the technical requirement of periodic variable and machining efficiency improving.

Abstract: Introduction of a intelligence control system of remote temperature & moisture adjustment based on single-chip computer. It explains hardware flow diagram, module structure and system software process flow diagram based on principle of power line carrier transmission and humiture control. With STC12C5404ADsingle chip computer and DHT21 as main control chip and humiture collection chip, the system hard ware is characterized by efficient and strong capacity of resisting disturbance compare to traditional humiture checking system. Abstract: This article describes the design of a interface chip with serial port expansion circuit of computer in industrial applications. It is used to connect with 422 and RS232 interfaces. Circuits involved several major chip such as the interface of 422 and RS232 and UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)16C550 Inside the computer. Paper describes the composition of the hardware circuit, theory and implementation and initialization programming of URAT interface chip.

Programming the same 20k byte code from Codewarrior 6.3 via Hiwave. Beginning Number Theory Neville Robbins Pdf Printer there. exe with the same USBDM and target hardware connection works fine -- in fact it's about the same speed as the PEMicro USB BDM Multilink. Oct 06, 2017 Programming the same 20k byte code from Codewarrior 6.3 via Hiwave.exe with the same USBDM and target hardware connection works fine -- in fact it's about the same speed as the PEMicro USB BDM Multilink.

We use interface chip with the FIFO to the circuit, It improves the efficiency of the application software, And it solves the problem of insufficient of computer serial port.