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Fusionfall Download Free

Jan 13, 2009 - From Seoul-based Grigon Entertainment & Cartoon Network team up to bring a free MMO. While free to download, it offers subscription and micro-transactions for enhanced experiences.

Cartoon Network Fusion Fall Download

The original Fusion Fall was an MMORPG for kids and teens that featured customizable avatars that could interact with well-known Cartoon Network Characters. When the game was first created, players were introduced to the world through a time travel experiment with Dexter and Computress from Dexter's Laboratory. Dexter's annoying sister Dee-Dee came in and messed up something with her trademark 'Ooh. What does this button do?'

Sending the player eleven years into the future instead of just ten. The time capsule crashes in the future and has to be repaired before being used again. Meanwhile, the Cartoon Network Universe is being attacked by Lord Fuse, an evil green monster who lives on the planet that is now looming in the sky and threatening to absorb earth. Fusion matter, a nasty green acid, covers the world and only this one city remains. While many Cartoon Network characters are around, many more have been killed or have gone missing since the invasion started.

According to Dexter (. Cartoon Network Universe, Fusionfall is a game perfect for young players to get into the MMO phase, and what better place then with their favorite CN stars. What other MMO has your favorite characters, the famous like Ed, Dexter and Ben and the lesser known like Coop, Juniper Lee and Hex gives you missions. Where else do you get rides from monkeys, or miniature heroes, Nanos assisting you, or fight balls of goo with chicken legs, gum ball cannons and of course, Bonk Sticks!

Have a favorite show? Dress up like Ben Ten, or Coco or a KND operative even, and race around the world. The graphics are masterfully tailored, with familiar places like Ed Edd N Eddy's cul De Sac, Fosters Home for imaginary friends, well house and the Power Puff girls city hall reconisable but with new twists to them. The places aren't the only things masterfully designed, the characters have responded well to Anime looks, with Blossom, Dexter, Juniper Lee, Billy and Numbah 5 easily reconizable and looking good. Characters like Ben Tennyson, Samurai Jack and Coop remain basically the same, and then their are the victims, some like Bloo and Princess didn't come out that well, looking like a waling mega ear plug and just creepy respectivaly. Its still young, so the game functions are still being worked on, and the expansion is coming soon. Also free access in all regions is close, so while it isn't perfect, it could be a new World of Warcraft in the not so far away future. Rip Slyme Good Job Rar File on this page.