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Garmin Voices Vpm Files

Pigtones offers a free software program you can download called. This is a free voice program as well as a POI (point of interest) installer that allows you to personalize your Garmin GPS unit. There are several U.S. Garmin GPS voices, including a comical 'Bubba' voice, a 'Sexy Chick' Garmin voice and a voice for your Garmin called 'Arnie the Governator,' presumably an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In order to use the voice download, click the Free Download button on the page. When the File Download dialog opens, click Save and then save the file to your Desktop. Next, you need to install the, also to the desktop.

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** This is your standard voice file with VPM file extension. All you need to do is connect your nuvi to your computer via USB, open the Garmin folder and locate the Voice folder there. Drop the file directly in that folder, disconnect the nuvi from USB, reboot it and it should show as a selectable.

Once you have downloaded both, open the Installer and let it run. When finished, open the free Garmin voices you downloaded and they will be added to the Gtones library. Connect your Garmin GPS device to the computer and install the voices from the Gtunes library folder. This download is a 'free sample,' which Pigtones provides in the hopes that you will enjoy the voices and purchase more from their extensive GPS voice download collection. Garmin Another place to download U.S.

American Conquest Fight Back Patch V1.46 more. Garmin voices free for your Garmin GPS is on the Garmin website itself. Garmin provides free fun and seasonal voices you can download and enjoy.

Eagle Dongle Software Key. First, you must make sure that your Garmin has the most current updates installed. You can check for updates on the. Once your Garmin is updated, head to the and click on All Voices. (While you are on the Garmin Garage site, you might also want to look at All Vehicles and All Bundles for more fun, free ways to customize your Garmin.) Click the voice you want to download to your Garmin. You can then click the Play button for a preview of the voice.

If you have your Garmin connected to the computer, you can bypass downloading the voice to the desktop and simply click the Install Voice button. If you want to download it to the computer and install it on the Garmin unit later, click the Download Bundle button.

Save the file to your desktop and install the free voice software to your Garmin whenever you want! Check out for even more ways to customize your Garmin.

PIG-Tones -Politically Incorrect GPS Voices! For Garmin and Tom Tom portable car units (We used a Garmin nuvi 760 for these tests) For specific questions about this product, log onto the Library Page OVERVIEW: Tired of listening to Jack and Jill?

Try a few PIG Tones to break the monotony! We downloaded four voices, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Billy Bob (Thornton?), and Sargeant Hartman. These zipped voice files (but not all) contain:.vpm voice files, GTonesSetup.exe, and.vup files to add voices to the G-Tones Library, plus.txt instructions. PROCEDURRE: Installing the G-Tones Library: Run GTonesSetup.exe. This will install the Library shown above. Find and run the.vup files to place the voices in the Library. From there you can listen to a sample of the file audio.

However, we could find no evidence that you could actually install voices from the Library. Uploading voice files: Just unzip the voices and copy the.vpm files to the nuvi: Garmin Voice folder. In the unit, select American English and look for the voices beginning with PIGTones. Each zipped voice file contained a.vpm voice file, except for Billy Bob, so we were not able to upload that voice. Once installed, these new voices will provide an entertaining (and sometimes shocking!) diversion for driving. Now don't get lost out there -youall!