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Hallo Sie Haben Post

Download Cubase Pro 8 on this page. @maxxxpf #5: Not when you remember that the star who says it is Cher herself, i.e. The same person who sang the song. For anyone who is old enough to remember Sonny and Cher (that includes me), hearing Cher say 'You got [anything]' will immediately bring that song to mind. It was, especially during their television series, Sonny and Cher's signature song. So, no, it's not far fetched at all.

Hallo Sie Haben Post

As I said, it's an insider reference; you just aren't old enough to belong to the club. (-: - for the show - for an old video Author (328606) 21 Apr 08, 02:13. Of course, there are always those who want to avoid 'got' and would insist on 'You have mail.' (-: Some places have banned smoking at the beach and in parks; several have banned smoking in outdoor cafes; and that doesn't include the general ban (in CA, at least) on smoking indoors at places open to the general public, including restaurants and bars. There are even some places that are proposing banning smoking in individual apartments if the smoke wafts over to their neighbors.

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Not that I mind breathing air that isn't filled with cigarette smoke, but there need to be limits to Big Brother government. @#18 - or even 'Got a light?' , but that's another thread.

(-: Author (328606) 21 Apr 08, 02:55.