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How To Install Sim Ant On Windows 7

2012-08-09 22:15:29 Hey guys, So, I was looking through my old CD collection, when I stumbled upon a copy of Sim Ant. As many know, the problem with playing it nowadays is that it's a DOS game, so emulators are needed. After looking through the directories, I realized that simply running it through ScummVM or DOSBox wasn't possible, as there was an installation required. I've scoured Google, and it seems that the only solution is to pirate it, then run an automatic installation, as the setup.exe within the CD-Rom cannot be run. Before I resort to that, however, I want to make sure I can run it with only the CD and a DOS emulator. If I'm super desperate, then I'll run a Win95 Emulator.

I have Sim Ant, Sim City, and Sim Farm all on one disc I just found. Buku Psikologi Kepribadian Pdf Merge there. It wouldn't play on my computer, so I googled it and downloaded thd DOSbox and followed the instructions here, I finally got all the way through it (My C: folder is SIM and the sub folder in that is Simfa,.

Sim Ant On Vista

So, is there a way to install SimAnt on Windows 7 (64-bit) so I can run it off my emulator? Thanks, Sir5000. Response to 2012-08-10 02:38:36 At 8/9/12 10:29 PM, OwnageGiy223 wrote: At 8/9/12 10:15 PM, sir5000 wrote: Sir5000Thanks, I missed your username the first time. That was totally needed, and didn't make you look like a douche. How' bout instead of being an asshole, you start to try to actually help people?

No wonder why you people complain the forums are declining in activity cause you people keep driving potential new regulars away with this shenanigans, go vent your anger somewhere else instead of here. Warriors Orochi 3 Keygen Software. As for OP It might work with a Win98 VM but you might encounter some problems with installation so the only option might be to pirate the game and play it that way. It's okay to download it cause most likely the company who made the game is defunct by now and you own a copy of the game. Just be careful not to get a virus or something nasty on your computer. Response to 2012-08-12 07:35:05 SimAnt was the shit. I could swear that I was playing in on WinXP though.

Heh, I'm almost tempted to play it now. Yeah, use DOSBox if you need to. I'd google around a bit and see what others are doing as far as running the game on Win7 (surely you can't be the only one). As far as 'piracy', I would have to agree with those above me. You already own the game, and piracy is an act of theft - very different in my eyes from trying different ways to get your legitimately purchased game to function. If I'm wrong and that somehow is actually construed as piracy, then that's fucking silly so I'd still do it anyway.