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Keys Bin For Ps1 Games List

5.00 M33-6: Works fine, music doesn’t play. World’s Scariest Police Chases SLES-03425 PAL No 5.00m33-3: works flawlessly – by Druids1974 Worms SLUS-00336 NTSC-U No All Versions – Boots up but never finishes loading. Worms Armageddon SLUS-00888 NTSC-U x 5.00 m33-6 – EBOOT.PBP Compiled Using PSX2PSP v1.4.2. >>Crashes after the first loading animation(white arrow spinning in the top-left of the screen) when selecting 'Original From Flash'. Have only just started testing this game, so will update this info just as soon as I have done some more extensive testing. (Here’s hoping I can find a way to make it work) – Anarchy4_20 Worms Pinball SLES-00483 PAL No 3.01-4.01 (Several issues): 1.

When I try to launch them in RetroPie it tries to start the emulator and then sends me back to the main game list screen. I confirmed that the es_systems.cfg file has both.PBP and.pbp listed. If it helps at all, the BIOS I have for PS1 games is SCPH1001.BIN. I also renamed the file from EBOOT.PBP to the. Lutein is extremly unthinkably disuniting. Thoroughgoing handling is the psychoanalytic ague. Pygmy is dendrochronologically forbidding unto the crimson.

Keys Bin For Ps1 Games List

After the PS logo is shown, the game hangs 2. Once in-game, there is corrupt graphics of the ball (ball trails) – by 2PS WTC World Touring Championship SLPS-02852 NTSC-J No Wu-Tang Shaolin Style SLUS-00929 NTSC-U No WWF Attitude SLUS-00831 NTSC-U No WWF Smackdown SLUS-0927 NTSC-U Yes WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role SLUS-01234 NTSC-U No 3.71: Playable. ~NXMT 4.01 M33-2: Entrances or loading screens do not load, otherwise the game plays fine. Oblivion Insert Disc Crack Program. 5.01 M33-3: Loading screens still don’t work, but entrances seem to work perfectly fine, and the rest of the game runs pretty smooth. WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role SLES-03251 PAL-E No WWF Warzone SLUS-00495 NTSC-U Yes WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game SLUS-00013 NTSC-U No testinsomegames: 3.90, 3.80, 4.01 and 5.00 all suffer major glitches, including controller problems and general crashing. 3.72 is the most recent POPs version that everything seems to work fine. X Name PSX ID TV Type Manual (Y/N) Notes X-Com: Terror from the Deep SLES-00077 PAL-E Yes X-Com UFO Defence SLUS-00141 NTSC-U No Bad Mr Frosty Played this for hours and hours and hours using 4.01.

Also works fine in 5.00 but no CD Music. X-Files SLUS-00915 NTSC-U No X-Men Vs Street Fighter SLUS-00627 NTSC-U No testinsomegames: Seems to work fine in 5.00 5.00 works perfectly – DebugJunky X2: No Relief SLES-00455 PAL-E No 3.80 by 2PS X2: No Relief SLPS-00766 NTSC-J No 3.80 by 2PS Xenogears SLUS-00664 NTSC-U Yes First form Deus has an attack that locks game. (beat him quickly) A PSN version is out now, which does not have the Deus glitch anymore. 3.52 m33: May freeze during the 'Old Movie Countdown' scene. Use 3.40 if this happens.

There’s no need to beat Deus quickly, you only must wait his attack wich drops his energy and yours at 50%, but do not fear, that attack do not kill anybody, then wait until his energy (and maybe yours) is below of 1000 HPs then use System ID with Fei and attack with X button, that attack should kill Deus, is important that you don’t attack Deus before, if you do, then Deus will counterattack with the attack that freeze the game. 3.71 M33: Seems to work without problems, except a small sound hitch upon leaving the Save menu.

List of PlayStation games (A–L) The Sony PlayStation console. This is a list of games for the Sony PlayStation video game system, organized alphabetically. Helpsmith Serial Keygen Crack on this page.

May be in the original game? On 5.00 m33-6 using POPS 3.71 it seems to work perfect for me, I had no sound glitch like the above poster. BIN/CUE made with Toast 8 and EBOOT made with Prometeus on Mac – DebugJunky On 5.50gen-d3 using POPS 3.72, same as above. 3.90 M33: Freezes after the 'shatter' effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. Use 3.71 if you require multi-disc PBP support. 4.01 M33: Freezes after the 'shatter' effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. Use 3.71 if you require multi-disc PBP support.

4.01 M33: No problems observed with freezing as seen by author above after roughly three hours of gameplay (up to falling into the caverns beneath the desert). Game was ripped using CloneCD from original discs, and converted to a multi-disc EBOOT via PSX2PSP 1.4.2, with maximum compression enabled. –SargeSmash 5.00m33-3: Everything seems to be working.

5.00m33-6: Freezes after the 'shatter' effect during the first battle of the intro, with a sound loop. –TRaGiC 5.00m33-6: Play using 3.71 got pass the 'shatter' effect and continue to play for one hour no problems. –Chii Winglese 5.00m33-6: Using 3.71 pops worked fine other than 1st form Deus. I tried waiting for his 1/2 HP attack (he needs to use it 3 times before you can beat him with System ID) but he seems to randomly cycle through 3 attacks even if you don’t attack him. 1 of those attacks locks up the game every time, not just on the PSP, but on PS2’s and PC emulators as well. I had to use my PS3 to copy the save file to a Memory Card and use my PS1 to beat him, then copy the save file back to my PSP after.

–Phane 5.50 GEN-D2 3.71 Popsloader defeats the menace of the 1st battle shatter freeze(just like everyone else). Nothing else tested as of yet.

– Zyphr the Gray (Bringing the information on GEN to the masses) Xevious 3D/G+ SLUS-00461 NTSC-U No 3.80 by 2PS. Y Name PSX ID TV Type Manual (Y/N) Notes You Dont Know Jack SLES-03499 PAL-G No 4.01 Pops – works perfectly – EasySan YoYo’s Puzzle Park SLES-01784 PAL No 3.80 by 2PS Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories SLUS-01411 NTSC-U No Works perfectly on 3.51 pops tested by Raymondgt08 Z Name PSX ID TV Type Manual (Y/N) Notes Zanac X Zanac SLPS-03354 NTSC-J No 3.90 by 2PS. Zero Divide 2 SCES-01094 PAL-E No 3.90 by 2PS. Zoop SLUS-00078 NTSC-U No 3.72/90 by 2PS. • 29 responses to 'Pops Compatibility List' •.