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Latex Template For Conference Program Schedule

Maybe TeX isn't the best for this particular problem, but any teachers out there use a particular class or package to plan lessons? Right now I'm just using a spreadsheet, but I always find myself wishing there was a 'lessonplan.sty' or 'classschedule.sty' file out there somewhere so I could still use the LaTeX for equations, tables, lists etc. A bit of searching yielded a few results, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus. Anyone used any of these: Any recommendations from anyone on best way to make calendar-based class schedules and/or lesson plans?

Author Information All conference submissions must be done through and submitted by September 19, 2016. Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the ACC and present their work.


Contributed papers A contributed paper is intended to be a complete description of finished work. Accepted papers are limited to 6 pages in the conference proceedings at no extra charge; up to two extra pages are allowed for a charge of USD 200 each. Note that there is no separate short paper format. Invited Sessions Invited session proposals should present a unified theme from diverse viewpoints. Each proposal should consist of a summary statement and six regular papers (not abstracts). The organizer notifies Contributing Authors (CAs) of their invited session code.

The corresponding author of each paper submits the paper online (PDF format) as an invited paper. Submission as an invited paper requires the invited session code. For more information on invited sessions please contact the Vice Chair for Invited Sessions: Kristi Morgansen. Tutorial Sessions Tutorial Session Proposals should address the development and/or application of state-of-the-art control approaches & theory to real-world engineering applications. A typical session starts with one 40- or 60-minute talk on the underlying theory or application area. Arredo Casa Software Free Download.

After the lead presentation, there are usually several 20-minute talks highlighting particular aspects or applications of the topic area in further detail. For more information on industry & application tutorial sessions please the Vice Chair for Industry & Applications: Junming Wang. Special Sessions A brief description of the session, indicating the topic(s) to be covered and who will be making presentations in the session, should be submitted electronically (through ).

Special sessions usually do not include presentations of papers that are peer-reviewed and included in the conference proceedings. For more information, or to discuss possible special session topics, please contact the Vice Chair for Special Sessions: Hosam Fathy. Support for Authors Author's Kits with style (.cls) files for LaTeX and templates (.dot) for MS-Word are available from the conference submission site. Go to and select 'Support' for these files and example files, or directly go to ACC 2017 Submission and Registration Policies • All papers submitted to ACC 2017, whether for review or publication upon acceptance, must be written in English and formatted in the standard 2-column format provided on. • For initial submissions, all regular and invited papers are limited to eight (8) pages. PaperPlaza will not permit longer papers to be uploaded.

• For final upload and publication in the conference proceedings, all accepted contributed and invited papers are limited to six (6) pages at no extra charge. Authors may upload longer manuscripts up to a maximum of eight (8) pages total. However, each page in excess of six will incur a charge of USD 200. • At least one of the authors listed on the paper must register for ACC 2017 at the full member/non-member rate to upload the final manuscript. A maximum of 4 papers can be uploaded with a single registration. Additional uploads on the same registration will require a payment of USD 200 per paper. • Please note: If an author registers at a reduced registration rate (student/retiree), s/he will not be able to use that registration to upload the final paper.

Aug 1, 2011 - The confproc package provided a LATEX 2ε document-class together with various tools (Perl and Unix/bash scripts). 5.5 exprogram.csv: Generate the conference program from a CSV file......... DAFx-07, JMUI). For better sharing of this example with other LATEX 2ε users, I converted the set of. Jan 22, 2018 - This is an example of a very, very basic conference abstract booklet, with an author index. Each abstract can have an optional text that will be displayed in.

• Please consider submitting your paper early and ensuring your paper satisfies the PDF check. Revised versions of papers can be resubmitted up until the deadline. No extensions of the deadline are foreseen. All papers must be submitted electronically using. Only PDF files will be accepted.

A maximum file size of 2MB for all uploaded papers is enforced. For information on creating IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs. Page size requirement.