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Minecraft High Tech House Map Download

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Creator: Reinplayzz () or WiederDude Features Armor Station: Use the item arrows to select the armors which you want to use. Then step inside the wardrobe and press the button. Wait 10-20 seconds for it to complete the process. Vending Machine: Use the levers to select which items you want to receive. Collect them in the output chest. Remember to switch off the levers when you are done.

Secure Safe: The safe can be used for storing all your valuable items. It’s locked by a secure code. This is just a few examples of what the house includes. And in the future it’s likely to be even more redstone creations! I saw all the redstone things, and its AWSOME! The only things that could be better is: 1. The Vending Machine.

The item input and output is delayed a lot, and sometimes gives me something I didn’t pull the lever for. Also, I was trying to get 1 stack of steak but the chest kept getting filled with steak even when I turned the lever off.

Minecraft High Tech House Map Download

If you could fix this, that would be great. The Wardrobe. The selection works great, it’s just that when I press the button it takes a while for all the items to come out. Just needs a little bit more room. It kinda feels a little cramped when you walk in, but where the redstone machines are the room is fine.

Overall, this redstone house is AWSOME! Hopefully you can fix these few things in a future update. But for now, I think I found the redstone house I’m looking for! Instructor Manual Management Daft Cengage there. Thanks Reinplayzzz! If you want me to, I can maybe help a little on making some room. I’m good at making room, just not redstone XD.