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Nba 2k13 Crack Fix

Nba 2k13 Crack Fix

First of all, you guys that are constantly complaining looking for a fix to your solution, be more proactive! Instead of hoping for a solution to your issue magically appear, sit down and think where the source of the problem might be coming from. Most of the problems with people who either can't start the game, it crashes shortly after startup, or are having framerate issues, can be solved by simply changing properties of 2k13's.exe file a little bit. Because I really want to help you guys who bought this game and can't play it (you actually bought it right?) I'll give you a few solutions I know of to common problems. The easiest issue to fix, where the game either doesn't start or crashes shortly after startup is to go into the properties of 2k13's.exe file.

Check the box 'run as administrator'. The next time you start 2k13 you'll be prompted for administrator access, just click yes (assuming you have administrator access on your system), and viola that should fix your issue. The second easiest issue to fix, for those have framerate issues either in the game menu or the game itself (or both) is also in the properties of 2k13'.exe file. Turn on compatibility mode and play around with having it on for different versions of windows (setting this solves the lag issues). For your system the best choice might be setting compatibility mode to Windows xp, while somebody else might need to set it to Windows 98. Patience is required to fix this issue (trial and error).

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The third fix for those who get an error window upon startup (it should have something to do with directx or c++), the solution is relatively simple. Make sure that you have the correct version of C++ (2010 I believe) installed, as well as the latest version of DirectX. All games that you intall usually come with both, but 2k13 doesn't install correctly for some users and screws up the C++ and or DirectX installations. I won't respond to any comments asking for help with specific problems. Warriors Orochi 3 Keygen Software.

If you have a specific problem that you absolutely can't fix no matter how hard to try (make sure you absolutely can't), message me with your problem and I'll see what I can do. Download Software Penjualan Tiket Air. Thanks for taking your time to stop. EDIT: If none of these solutions work, as I said above either message me with your issue or be proactive and really think about where the source of the issue could be. I'm looking into other (hardware related) solutions to these common problems that could potentially fix those rare cases where 2k13 won't work no matter what is tried.