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Rom Flash Tool Mk 808b Plus Firmware

I have spent quite some time and running into a weird problem when trying to install the ROM (And I can't get passed the first step!). When I execute the Finless ROM Flash Tool.exe the following message appears: 'No Found RKAndroid rock usb' According to instructions following actions should be done: A: When I go into the Settings, under USB there is 'Connect to PC' check box. I have enabled that one. B: Under Developer Options: I have checked that the USB Debugging is turned off. All these checks have been done when MK808B is connected to my Win7 Machine and TV at the same time.

MK808B Firmware, ROMs & Recovery. By default kernel720 and boot720 are selected in the flash tool. I also flashed my MK 808B to. The MK808B Plus. Mar 16, 2013 - To get the drivers installed we must FIRST put the MK808B into ROM flash mode! So I am going to. 5) Once it says 'Found RKAndroid Mass Storage USB' in the flash tool click the 'Reboot to Flash Mode' button. 4) You will get a dialog asking to search or browse my computer for the driver.

Windows has found the device in the explorer. I have tried this with 2 different Win7 Laptops.

Is there anything else that is possible to get RKAndroid to detect USB from the flash tool.exe? Some specs on my Device: Kernel Version: 3.0.9+ Ifwant_V_401j1 #26 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 18 17:18:40 CST 2012 Build Number: mk808b_400j1_ Any help is much appreciated! Tried the 'Hard way': * Disconnected cable from OTG port * Pressed with a needle to 'hear the click' while turned off * Reconnected to OTG port while keeping pressed the reset button. * Waited 15-20 seconds (No further detection made by Windows) * Started 'ROM Flash Tool.exe' (Still same err msg: 'No Found RKAndroid rock usb') As I mentioned before, it seems that Windows does find the Device. (See image) But to succeed with this, I need to restart the MK808B connect a USB Mouse to it, go to settings, USB ->Connect To PC I also updated that driver for MK808B through device manager with the driver for Win7 - 64bit from following link: Then restarted but to no avail. But I still cannot get the 'ROM Flash Tool.exe' to find the RKAndroid. If I try to flash it, I get an error message that no device found.

Or is there another way of Flashing the MK808B apart from this executable? This is my First time Flashing stuff on Android so this is all new to me.

Software Per Fotomontaggi Divertenti. README FIRST.txt in the zip: If reboot to flash mode does not work, then use this alternate proceedure. In ROM kit is another folder called alternate_reboot_to_flash_tool This is the RKBatch tool. Run this tool and the 1 box should be pink. If it is not pink again make sure: a) USB storage is turned ON (I must check Connect to PC else RKBatch dont see mini pc) b) Under developer options, USB debugging is turned off Once you have a pink box, Click the 'switch' button at the bottom and this should put it into flash mode. Close this RKBtach tool now. Windows 7 Professional 64bit I can only use this way for put into flash mode.

Rom Flash Tool Mk 808b Plus Firmware

I read on the net that a user has flashed the finless 1.5 dell'MK808B on his Uhost2 (rk903) and everything works. With CPUSpy and similar programs (SetCPU trickstermod) Uhost2 the kernel does not suffer from the bug 1008Mhz, but reads well the employment of different frequency, plus you can set it to 1416Mhz.

Now I extracted the kernel.img last rom for Uhost2 of 130,311 with Wendal rk29tool kit. I have to install the ClockworkMod and create a zip file to flash, so I can test well. Especially the possibility to use Trickstermod (which use also on Nexus 7) to see if they are visible the impoistazioni of gpu. I'll try the Finless 1.7 EDIT: flash kernle () Uhost2, wifi/bt not work on Finless 1.7 firmware. I test with kernle january of Uhost2.

Click to expand.Hi there, this is the most discussed Problem, and I´m wondering why so many People buy from Ebay. It´s only possible to identify it if you do some Pictures of the PCB from both Sides inside!

There are many Clones up on the Market and mostly Custom Rom´s are not as good as the Orignal One! Mk808B is not MK808B. There should be 6 or more Clones up and the Quality is not as good as the Original One. Most of them run slower SoC Speed like 1GHz instead of 1.4 GHz and some of them have locked Kernels and other bad Stuff. The Original one has get a Upgrade and the Old One which we know, is not on Sell anymore. The RK3066 Chipset is old now, after it the RK3188 becomes popular and nor RK3288 are coming with much more Performance and Stuff. I can´t tell it much enough, if you all want to buy a Box or a Stick, just choose and ask of popular Models. Buku Panduan Belajar Piano Pdf Notes on this page.

Geekbuying pushes their Factories to release Updates for their Devices and they also provide Custom ROMs by Finless and others. So I hope this can help. Anyway, we can try to identify your Device but your Chance to get a good Custom Rom is nearly at 5%! Heres an the images of it, I managed to flash a filness 2.1 rom by a guy named griser at freaktab but there was no wifi or Bluetooth, so I assume it can be flashed with the filness rom aslong as it as the correct drivers for wifi and bt.

Also when I flashed it the 720p version just kept looping at boot the 1080p version worked aslong as I set it to 720p otherwise the tv wouldn't output anything, which I assumewas a power issue as I was running from the tvs usb. I don't mind the stock rom that came with the stick,but I have to keep un-pairing then re-pairing my bt mouse at start up thanks for any help offered.