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Latest News 1-26-2018 PEMPro version 3 Released - with new features and ease of use. 11-6-2015 CCDAutoPilot version 5.09.5 Released -with support for AutoFocus routine and TheSkyX rotator control. CCDNavigator Version 3.1.6 Released - This edition has something for everyone! For deep sky imagers, Adam Block’s spectacular thumbnails have been added to the color catalog and the Herbig-Haro catalog (HH) is now included.

For those lucky enough to image in the Southern Hemisphere, the Rodgers-Campbell-Whiteoak (RCW) catalog of Ha emission nebula has been included. And for those with a scientific interest, catalogs of Eclipsing Binaries (EB) and Cataclysmic Variables (CV) are now available.

4-15-2015 CCDNavigator Version 3.1.0 Released – Beginning with this version, CCDNavigator will now support ACP Expert. Also CCDNavigator has adopted the CCDWare One Year License Renewal Policy. 8-16-2014 FocusMax V4 Released - The reference focusing program for precise and accurate camera focusing with significant enhancements and flexibility. 8-28-2013 Author's Presentations Available - Over the years, CCDWare authors have presented papers at AIC and NEIAC.

We have made them available for your information. 1-27-2013 Weather Ninja 2.0 Released - This free utility is completely rewritten and automatically updates weather info every 15 minutes. CCDNavigator V3 Released- New graphical workflow, enhanced thumbnails, favorites and goal setting and tracking. PEMPro 3.0 Coming - One-Click Periodic Error Measurement, correction, mount programming and verification plus other new features. Buy Version 2 now and receive a free upgrade to Version 3. 11-4-2011 CCDStack V2+ Released - A free upgrade to existing Version 2 customers, this version adds automated work flow and calibration capabilities plus other new features.

4-1-2011 CCDAutoPilot 5.0 Released - Rewritten for more features, functions and flexibility to make image acquisition by observatory automation easier and more reliable.