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Tales Of Xillia Undub Patch 1.01

Tales Of Xillia Undub Patch 1.01

UPDATE 7: Screw the dual audio version. Translating the DLCs was more effort than this game is worth. – I wanted to subtitle the OPs but they’re more bitrate-starved than Japanese TV transport streams and the RAD Video Tools offer no option to keep the audio stream untouched – I’d need to either rewrite my packing tools or replace files manually like I did at the beginning to solve the problems of UPDATE 2 – Since there is no structure in the game files at all, I have no idea how to de-censor that one Agria scene – Everyone who wanted Japanese audio already downloaded the undub anyway UPDATE 6: DLC translation is complete now. () UPDATE 5: 1.01 has been out for a while now. It fixes any possible increased loading times of the BETA1. Not more, not less. DLC is being worked on.

UPDATE 4: Working on the DLC now. The goal is to translate all DLCs to all EU languages. If you can help with Spanish, Italian or feel like editing the English translation, drop by at UPDATE 3: Apparently the solution was to move all audio files to the beginning of the archive. Oh well, enjoy Tales of Xillia UNDUB BETA1 READNFO PS3.

I’m still planning to make some additions and release another version, though. UPDATE 2: OK, so we kind of figured out what sort of problem it is that’s preventing all necessary files from being replaced but that’s about it.

So far you only get an undub if you accept 1 of this: – no sound effects and music in some cutscenes – about 200 scenes still being in English – either no voices or game crash in about 10 scenes of the game – all images being Japanese Sounds random? UPDATE: Seems like I joined the guys at PS3 NEWS to solve the remaining certain-cutscenes-only-have-voices problem. Unfortunately, everything so far has been unsuccessful. There is a limitation somewhere which prevents us from replacing all audio files but we’re still unsure about what or where it is. Since the EU version is out, I tried my luck but as expected it’s not that easy to undub.

Well, I only had 1 try since repacking the files with my tools is a pain. To explain it a bit: Most files of the game are in one huge 2 GB archive and then there’s its header file that stores some additional information. To replace any files inside, you first need to extract the archive with the information from the header file, as well as store its additional information in a temp file, then replace the files you want and edit the temp file so its contents match the replaced files. This can be confusing since there is no folder structure and the filenames are just auto-generated numbers which don’t even match those from the Japanese version. Finally, you need to rebuild the archive as well as a new header file and test it.

Act of War: High Treason PlayStation Xbox One, 158, tales of xillia undub iso game online, 35545, watch. The game Tales of Xillia UNDUB BETA1 is having this weird bug where in the beginning of the game, every time I get to the part after defeating the mysterious. Oddballz Full Version Download Free. Tales of Xillia US with Milla (Platinum guide 107) Milla Maxwell's impressive array of 14 costumes. Does anybody have the 1.01 patch please?

Now what I got after replacing some files which looked related to audio were: – Japanese Small and Fighting Chat voices – Japanese cutscene voices – Japanese battle voices – still English player select (at the very beginning) voices – no sound effects (I don’t remember if there should’ve been music) on the first cutscene I didn’t play until the first Long Chat so no idea about that. Anime scenes are easy to replace and should work just fine although I didn’t try it. The guys over at PS3 NEWS seem to have similar results and are working at a quite fast pace so it may be pointless for me to continue.

There are a lot of things I’d like to edit in this game apart from undubbing it but Namco really doesn’t make it easy. Oh well, enough for today since it’s almost 4 a.m. Change Imei Iphone 4s Download File. Time to encode PreCure before I fall asleep on the keyboard Category. ↓ • BlinkWinkel UPDATE 3: Nice, good work! That was fast:) Better to play a semi broken version than a completely broken version (official version). Torrent is now available on, also I agree 100% with the torrent description: *** USA PUBLISHERS *** Please stop ruining your games with such horrible english dubs! We are forced to go to extremes like this because you are making the games we love unplayable!

Seriously, your customers expect dual-audio releases. It’s 2013 and you’re still not selling what we want.”.