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Toyota Entune Software Download

Toyota Entune Software Update Download

I contacted Toyota today to ask about this update (I sent a question from the Web site yesterday, but that seems to have dropped into a black hole. Express Tv Card E860 Driver Download. ) I have an older Android (LG Optimus G running OS 4.1.2) It just so happens that I've been looking at upgrading it, since some apps seem to no longer be compatible with it. I was looking to move to an LG G4, which runs Android 5.1. So I looked at Toyota's compatibility list to make sure that would work. Unfortunately, the July 2015 Compatibility sheet doesn't list that phone, nor the Samsung S6, which is a comparable phone and another one I was considering. So I had two questions for Toyota: 1) Will the new Entune app work on my existing (4.1.2) phone, and would the new phone be compatible with the app and my Prius. The woman I spoke to said that the new app requires the Android 5.1 OS to work. This didn't seem right to me, since that version is just out, and only available on a handful of phones right now.

I asked the same question several different ways, to make sure she didn't mean the 5.1 version of the app, and not the OS, but she was sure it needed the 5.1 OS. For my second question, she assured me that ALL 5.1 Android phones would work. That didn't seem right either. Does that mean there's no more need for a compatibility list, since all new phones will work, regardless of supported Bluetooth kits? I thought I might need another call to Toyota, and maybe get a clearer answer from a different agent.

But I wanted to check here to see what others might already know.

Hi team, Just wanted everyone to be aware. Toyota's 'flagship' 'Entune system' has a 'New software update'! I'm told it was just released a week or two ago surnamed: 'Entune vers. It's said to be working as it should; according to one 'Service assistant mgr' at a Toyota dealership, located in the Bergen county NJ area. The update is FREE for Toyota owners with any Entune navigation system installed in their vehicles!

I'll go in next wk to have them install it in my truck and report back, once I've had a chance to evaluate it's operation! '.Keeping my fingers crossed.' Here's what was told, The sm told me that you can get the Entune 'apps' updated online through the ' Entune app suite'.

Entune is a revolutionary in-car multimedia experience that keeps you and your 2012 Toyota connected.Entune is a collection of popular mobile applications and.

To get the 'Latest Entune O.S. Update' (like the 5.1 OS firmware) you'd need to come in and have it installed from our system.

He added: 'It would still be free; just that we only have what corporate sends us in terms of flash drives. Updates are 'the latest update versions'! Fender Stratocaster Value By Serial Number here. ' So it seems that there are two very different types of updating. 'app updates', and OS updates; which work to drive your phone, your maps, audio system.