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Weihrauch Hw Serial Numbers

My weihrauch hw77 serial = 1139761 I got it in 1988 or so new. But i am 36 now so i can not fully remember, & i have the book for it but no invoice sorry.

Serial Numbers Cracks

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WALTHER LG55 & LGV Serial numbers: 154503 -1961 1559xx -1961 1685xx -1962 174406 -1962 195636 -1963 201337 -1963.1964.1965.1966 234780 -1967 254032 -1969 Please provide any verified serial numbers to make this Walther list more useful. I will look up what I may have in the way of confirmed dates from the noted manufacturers, and add them to this post. Thank you for your efforts!!

Walther LP53 - 008763 - 1955 LGV - 201337 - 1963 LP3 - 30471 - 1974 LP3M - 40312 - 1975 FWB 65 - 5383 - 10/1967 65 - 27420 - 04/1971 65 - 89096 - 09/1976 65 - 89477 - 09/1976 80 - 224122 - 06/1979 C5 - 1839 - 01/1991 C10 - 30211 - 11/1989 124D - 34378 - 09/1980 127D - 40003 - 05/1981 300 - 118158 - 05/1973 300S - 178331 - 10/1975 300S - 370098 - 01/1990 This message has been edited by leonardj on Jan 13, 2014 7:32 PM 18 Wheeler (Login ) Many thanks. January 14 2014, 3:43 AM. Firstly a request for any more Walther numbers to fill in some of the gaps. Alec, thank you for that HW information. Given the delay from manufacture to retail your's would be early 1970 or perhaps even late '69 which casts some doubt on some of the other numbers for 1970? Merely a wrinkle on a useful list in my opinion.

M&G should get a special commendation for stamping the month and year of manufacture on their products (post '66). Perhaps that makes it too easy for the hardcore collector?

Lastly just a reminder that the FWB/HW/Walther pistols numbers are the work of others as acknowledged. I've just tried to put it in one place, whilst endeavouring to add a useful Walther LG55/LGV list. The latter numbers are thin on the ground, my explanation being that we Walther owners probably spend too much time just admiring them to bother with such administrative ephemera. Happy shooting, Nick alec (Login ) Re: More Walther numbers and thanks to Alec February 3 2014, 6:27 PM.