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Activation Code For Poker Academy Pro

I downloaded the Poker Academy Pro 2.5 demo, but I can't get it to run under Windows 7. Anyone know a way to make this work? I tried running as Administrator and running in Windows XP Compatibility mode. Also, is the company still around?

Could I buy a reg code even if I wanted to? I also recently downloaded this software. I used my registration code from my purchase a few years ago, but it did not work. That code was supposed to be good for two downloads, but I got only one. Therefore, it seems I was cheated out of my second download. Poker Academy products are no longer for sale on Amazon, so I guess they are out of business.

I'm a former Poker Academy Pro user, and I bought that for over $100. I've tried the Poker Genius trial software and it looks and plays like PA Pro. However, Poker Genius has no online play so it won't be nearly as much fun to play. I met good players at PA online, (certainly better players than what you'd find at free poker sites.) And some of them became friends.

The activation code, but if this happens and you get in touch with the Poker Academy customer support, they will quickly get it sorted out and supply you with a code. Without any doubt at all this is the best software package for Texas Hold'em, either in this version, or in the more expensive Pro version, that there is out there. Poker Academy Pro 2 Demo under Ubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid'. I enter the activation code for the demo and get: 'The key entered is not for this product' I have tried with winecfg set to win98 and xp. Both have same results. Their tech support says the.

I just can't justify paying $69 playing bots only, even if they are smart. I would be willing to pay the introductory price of $29 or even $39 for this product. I'm going to buy either this or Master Poker which sells for $50. Dvshade Easy Looks Serial Number.

Bonus Code For Pokerstars

I have lost the PA Pro software at a former residence, and so I don't have the activation code for it. Welcome to the Poker Genius forums! The problem with online feature is not in programming but in legality. Playing poker online (even for play-money) is prohibited in some countries and several US states.

We've started to develop this part but we don't want to have any problems so that's why we haven't finished and launched it yet. But I'm sure things will change soon and we will add this feature cause it will attract more customers for sure. Our company just tries to keep Poker Genius 100% legal worldwide. Re: price This price ($69) was calculated by marketing experts, not us.

And we have periodical promos. Moreover all former PA Pro customers are able to get Poker Genius for $49.

Just send the details about your PA Pro license and we'll send you a link for $49 activation key. 2 Fairfield1466: And we have a special offer for the first poster I will PM it to you now. (, 01:12 AM)NM-BadBeats Wrote: Hello Genius Team, I'm the organisator of a poker-club in Germany/Bavaria.

We buyed nearly 10 packs of the software 'Poker academy pro' und used them as goodies to our Tournament-winners. We had been ashamed, that the SW has been not to be used after several time! Now --- we would try to change to your SW. But the price is too high! Your promotion (29 $) seems to be a fair one. Please try to win new customers. In a fair way.

With best regards Rolf WalterWelcome to our forums, Rolf! Well I've got your logic and I think $19 or $9 would be more fair than $29 right? But every product has its price and it is not set randomly. If you are interested in getting several licenses please contact me and we'll discuss a special deal with you.