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Download Play Tv Software Ps3 Download

Hello everyone, I decided to import PlayTV, and I was very happy to find it arrived today; only to find that the USB cable and PlayTV software disc were missing! I have a spare USB cable, but I obviously need the software disc to be able to use the device. I have asked the seller to send me the missing items, but I'm not getting my hopes up! Would anyone be willing to lend me their PlayTV disc for a couple of days, just so I can complete the software installation?

I live in Kilsyth, an eastern suburb of Melbourne. I would be willing to pick up the disc, or pay for postage. I know it's a long shot, but your generosity would be greatly appreciated! Do we see the Charity thread giving away $140 Games or collectors editions etc? Mainly Guest Passes and the occasional PS2/PS3 Game is given away only old titles. I don't know about what you've been receiving from the Charity thread, but I've been receiving full-priced games, sometimes more than one game. Who on earth would lend one out?

People with a good heart and faith in people? Let's be honest once the PlayTV is installed, there's essentially no use for the disk other than if you have an issue, as the OP has. Dick Smith's Return Policy: 3. Have you changed your mind? Bogen Model 3063 Manual.

If you still have your receipt and it is within 14 days of purchase, Dick Smith will give you an exchange, refund or credit (in the form of a Gift Card), providing the product is: - In its original condition and packaging (including manuals and accessories) - Not on the Product Exclusion List (please see below) Non-returnable items Some items are not able to be returned. These items include. Iar For 8051 Keygen Crack. • Gift Cards, Recharge Cards and Vouchers, * Music Downloads, Photo Processing and Imaging Products * Unsealed printer cartridges * Unsealed computer games, music CDs, DVDs, computer software * Pre-Paid mobile phones * Vendor Direct goods such as fitness equipment * Made ⁄ built to order products Would PlayTV be considered a computer game/software?

I never thought a playTV disc would be so valuable, just as much as the unit itself:( perhaps you should write into kotaku AU or something and try to get visibility into this situation. IMO if enough people complain what predicament people can get with playTV they'll release the app on PSN (cos it really should be network delivered at least). Otherwise you may need to resort to illegal methods to get that application 'backed up' into a format that can be sent over the internet for you to obtain and run just to get it working again. Scary but possible.

Download Play Tv Software Ps3 Download

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