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Airside Drivers Licence Test

What do I need for my airside driving course? When you book on to the courses using the AIRDAT system, you will be issued with details of precisely what you will need to bring with you.

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Items required for the majority of Airside Driving Courses include: • Firstly, your company must have a valid Airside Operators Licence (AOL), allowing them to operate airside. • Your Airside Pass (to allow you access) - Issued via your airport's ID centre. • A high visibility jacket.

• Your medical certificate – This is dependent on course type and airport, but generally companies must provide evidence that you as a driver are fit to operate vehicles around the airport. This is usually done by visiting an Authorised Medical Examiner. • Your drivers' licence photo card and (if applicable) paper counterpart.

Should be read in conjunction with the more detailed “Airside Vehicle Control Handbook”. To be able to drive airside you will need to study this book and pass the NAPL driving test, hold a current Aviation Security Identification Card and a current State or Territory driver's licence. This booklet contains information that will.

• Your AIRDAT login details. These are issued to you upon registration and when you make a booking. They allow you to take the online test at the end of the session (if applicable) Still need help? Last updated on December 11, 2017 Toggle Search.

Its done airport to airport ie if your valid in one your not in another. There is usually some sort of theory test followed by a quick road test around the apron but it all depends on the airport mafia. The test should be done on a local procedure book which may not be what you expect. Its written by some ground person and might not have been checked by ATC. So some things might not be as you expect them as a pilot. As spitoon says if you need one you will get it with no problem. It doesn't add anything to your CV as a pilot and if included would look decidedly odd.

To be precise, the insurance is on the vehicle/plant you are driving/operating, not you, and is probably a lot more than £250m by now. I don't know.

You will need a personal driving/operating permit, and airports vary as to testing, H&S and airside training etc. Oh, and the vehicle will also need a permit, subject to purpose/need, insurance and condition. You may need a radio on the ground frequency and some form of user permit or licence, and a rotating beacon. You will need a hi-vis jacket. You will have to hold an RZ pass, subject to need, a 5-year background screen and CRB Disclosure, if you want to enter to RZ (more or less the terminal area and associated apron), and otherwise an airside (non-RZ) pass.

You and your vehicle will be rigorously inspected at the entry point to the RZ. Vastu Malayalam Pdf Kathakal. You will need another permit, on some airports at least, if you want to enter the Customs area which is, roughly, where aircraft arriving and departing internationally park, ie perhaps where you want to go. How badly do you want to drive airside? Dance Movements Sparke Pdf on this page.