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Install Pulseaudio On Windows

Windows Subsystem For Linux Pulseaudio

When I'm searching something like this on Google all I'm seeing are only pages with keywords [linux, pulseaudio]. I mean ability to configure output stream of one app to be redirected to input stream of another app. So, I decided to ask 'unique' (or maybe not) question here. Target OS is Windows Server. By the way, if there is similar and free app for Windows which does the job just like PulseAudio on Linux, please go ahead, recommend it but do not advertise it like an agent. Also, any video tutorial for this are welcome:) Next question is off topic but if you have answer that's would be great: Can PulseAudio work (do the same stuff) if Windows Server doesn't have audio card installed? Thanks forward for any reply!

EDIT: in another question which someone pointed this as duplicate, there is no information about PulseAudio software. And yes, that's very old. We are close to 2016, I can't believe there is nothing new since 2014 (based on last answer to that question). All I receive in comments - opinions without experience for what I've asked for.

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