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H And M Clothing

We want to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion future. Photo of H&M - Atlanta, GA. H&M clothing is well priced, and personally I love their stock of work professional clothing and jackets for young adults like myself. Atlantic Station Atlanta, GA 30363 (855) 466-7467. H&M has unique clothing and very reasonable prices. I also love their accessories because they are so cheap.

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If you need help, feel free to get in touch with us at 0344 736 9000. Shop the latest fashion online at H&M and discover new favourites in women’s clothing. Find everything from casual day dresses or to sharp office wear. We have jeans in every fit, premium quality items and the latest fashion essentials. Check out our Conscious collection, made out of more sustainable materials, we bring you women’s fashion in a more sustainable way Once you’ve found that perfect outfit complete your look with stylish shoes, bags and accessories. Don’t miss out on our wide range of on-point beauty products, not to mention beautiful and flattering lingerie, shapewear and loungewear. Prepare for the cold season with our.

Update your gym bag with stylish, functional sportswear for the gym or the yoga class. If you have a big occasion coming up and an is the only thing to suffice we have suitable styles. Top Spin 4 Pc Download Emulator For Pc. For the biggest occasion of all we also have to co-ordinate your bridal party and have the girls looking their absolute best. Find flattering and on-trend bikinis and swimsuits. Start building your new wardrobe today. Browse our collections to find the latest in women’s fashion trends and update your wardrobe with stylish women’s clothes.

Your new season style starts here at H&M.

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• Click the entry and click Remove. • You're good to go! Close the Settings tab, reload this Yelp page, and try your search again. If you're still having trouble, check out. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. The employees try to stay on top of this store and keep it clean but I blame the shoppers.

I watched this young man go theough the boys section refolding, rehanging, and reshelfing just for this hood rat and her 2 thottlers to come along and mess it up in a matter of seconds! I used to work retail so i felt his fustrastion smh I also blame the shoppers for the ridiculously long lines. You knew how much this stuff cost when you were picking it up, why dispute, challenge, and ask for unwarranted discounts holding up the line when we all know you are full of sh*t?!

Good store, decent customer service, selections could be better but I blame the customers. They probably have what I'm looking for its just placed in the wrong location. Like a children's 5-6 short is probably in the women's section with the rompers smh why?! Because some customer was too lazy to put it back smh.

I'm a H&M hipster since I thought H&M was cool before it became popular in the States. I'm skinny, and I can't wear these fatty, American clothes.

It makes me look like I have a tent on. H&M sells slimmer, European cut clothing, which fit my body type more, and costs next to nothing. I like the Cumberland Mall's H&M the best so far in Atlanta. They built it big. They have two stories full of great selections. Of course, I don't care about women's crap here. I only care about the men's section.

And they have a huge men's section with plenty of selections. The store looks clean and well organized. I think they have the staff constantly reorganizing clothes as soon as the people mess it up. My only complaint is that the checkout feels slow. Dekart Private Disk Crack Cocaine. They don't have enough cashiers for the volume of shoppers they get.

So it feels like I'm waiting in line at Disneyland. NEATEST H&M I have ever been to in my life! I lived in NY for 2 years and the one thing I always noticed about H&M is that clothes are everywhere, the store is usually horribly laid out and crowded and people are just cut-throat when it comes to shopping at H&M. Even at the Atlantic Station H&M I felt like I was always running into either a person or a rack of clothing - there was no place to breathe! NOT the case here. This H&M is roomy, spacious, well laid out, CLEAN, organized.I mean, I was seriously in shock the first 10 minutes I was in the store because I didn't believe this was a H&M! The only unfortunate thing that happened to me is that I bought a necklace here the other day and it broke the first day I wore it (literally, 10 seconds after I put it on).

I'm going to try to see if I can get an exchange but if not I would be sorely disappointed! Also to note, some of the stuff they currently have in stock is stuff that is already on sale in NY.

However, I guess that happens in all stores where NY is the flagship store location and you really can't complain because at least we have H&M here (and thanks to Cumberland Mall, you have one that is a much better alternative to the Atlantic Station one). I love the prices but some of the quality of the clothes are questionable, therefore the prices. I have purchases pieces that has become a favorite staple in my closet so I am definitely not knocking the company. Though mostly disorganized and crammed, I don't mind coming in on a weekday but with the weekends, I try to avoid the place only because it is a nightmare with having only 2 cashiers to tend to a long and disorganized line. So I would recommend coming during the weekdays to avoid the rush of fashionable fashionistas. Store was neat, which isn't typical of H&Ms I've frequented in NY and Chicago.

BUT, if you're a Banana Republic or Limited gal, you'll feel like you're taking Easy Jet or Ryan Air instead of Air France, or even Delta. Clothing quality is low, but prices are cheap. After looking through and trying on what seemed like half the women's selection, I chose a shirt and skirt. The worst part is the fitting room - staff was spaced out, they will NOT start a fitting room for you like BR, so that you come, try 7 items ONLY, go get more things, get another fitting room, repeat, repeat. Also, I asked for help in getting another size, and the guy was clueless about helping. Again, if you're spoiled at BR or Zara, this is annoying.

Compared to the Atlantic Station location, this one is a blessing. It's not as crowded and more neat, however they try to cram everything to the front of the store. My complaint is that the layout is all wrong. They put a table smack dab in the middle of the walkway.when I'm trying to walk to the back of the store, I'm stopped each time I'm entering the next segment of the store by a table or customers trying to funnel out the narrow path in the checkout section. Also, the checkout section shouldn't be segmented to look like there are separate lines to each register.only to have the worker say 'There's only one line ma'am.' This H&M location is one of the better ones in Atlanta.

There is a lot of merchandise to choose from in this two-level store. The price point for clothing in this store varies as things can get on the higher end. I like the way that everything is organized. When items are simplified and easier to find, it makes the shopping experience that much better. However, this is always room for improvement.

My only wish is that the men's section would offer more variety. The H&M location at Atlantic Station has a better offering of men's clothing. But hey, it is what it is.

Now that part that I really drag is those god awful long checkout lines. What is up with this?

This is reminds me of the long lines you see at one of the shops right at the front entrance of Six Flags Park!!! If you don't come at a time when it is less crowded, then yes, expect a long wait. Your best bet is to come here during the middle of the week.

Overall, this is a pretty decent H&M. I don't drive up to Cumberland too much since there aren't too many department stores at this mall. But if you need to go to a H&M store, this one is is OK. I normally don't go into Cumberland Mall, but I stopped by the other day on a whim and somehow found myself wandering into H&M. Let me preface this review by saying that I had never shopped at H&M before because the stores always seemed sooooo disorganized. Maybe it was the overwhelming need to add a few new things to my spring/summer wardrobe, but I think that I kinda fell in love with this H&M.

The store was well organized, and there were several sales associates on the floor and in the dressing rooms ready to provide assistance. Checkout was a breeze and I was happy that I was able to buy a few things without breaking the budget. I will definitely be returning to this H&M.