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How To Download More Apps On Sharp Smart Tv

I have the same tv. Its because we got the SPECIAL Black Friday tv's. It was advertised as having its own browser and at the time it didn't but it must be because of all the people who just got them for Christmas and realized their tv was missing a whole bunch of stuff and flooded the help lines because they did a firmware update and it has the Opera browser now.

However u CANNOT just load any old app on there. It has to come from their wonderful VEWD STORE. U know the one with all the latest apps from 2007. I just went ahead and bought a new Amazon fire box and don't use any apps at all that come with the tv or that VEWD store.

How To Download Apps On Sharp Smart Tv

I don't even use their Netflix built in app. I put it on the fire box too because it supports 4k content just like the tv. R Kelly Happy People U Saved Me Zip. We actually got pretty lucky, A lot of people that purchased these got home and they didn't even turn on. The cashier told me that. Just get a stick or box because other than that its a great tv for the price.

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