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Thanks for the update, and it is nice to know that Telecoding is back and functioning. I have upgraded from DiagBox v7.62 to 7.66 on Windows XP SP3 32bit. The upgrade went smoothly without a hitch. Followliker Instagram Edition Definition. But when I operate the software (DiagBox v7.66) I get the following message: 'The application failed to initialize properly (0xC0000135).

Click on OK to terminate the application'. When I click on OK, the application continues to start normally. I have no idea what has not installed properly or what service is failing. I will do more testing over the weekend, but if some one met this problem, it would be great if an update is given. Simple, proud to be a member of GarageForum since Dec 2014. ( 05:10 AM)Shen Wrote: Hi, Is not Update from Mister HUANG Maybe he can do only post images Bye Mr. Huang and you Mr.


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Shen don't want to share DiagBox8 (that is your right) I don't know if you Mr. Huang have the update to DiagBox V07.76 I have not yet received Huang's image of DiagBox 8.13 Thank Maitreosx to allow us to have the version 7.76 (8.12) ( 06:52 AM)skjensen Wrote: Hi All. I hope you can help me with an issue in DiagBox 7.XX. I have installed Diagbox on a clean windows 8.1 PC and everything seemed to be working fine. Just until I wanted to use PP2000 inside diagbox. Then when clicking on PP2000 nothing happends.

I haven't had any luck troubleshooting so I really hope you can give me some ideas. PP2000 works only in 32bit.