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Ecler Sclat 8 Manual

Table 19-inch rack, 6u height. Connections XLR output, coupled rca and xlr mic inputs. Otherwise, the rest is rca. Everything depends on the version, I have both a DJ is typed with an insert send-return effect ext.

Masters and two more independent assignable crossfader, the other version is typical instruments with two departures, insertion effect ext., and two independent masters. The equalizer is triple by more gain. Available with optional remote controls on each slice, allowing readers start the fader of the slice selected. UTILIZATION The setup is fantastic because unlimited depending on the choice of the owner! The manual is very detailed, it explains all of the functions and fixtures. All functions are accessible almost intuitively, but the program mode is particular and little used. (Cue 'pre' slices mixed before final module).

Ecler COMPACT 8 User Manual, 2.87 MB,. Ecler DAC110E User Manual, EMPTY,. Ecler DACORD-i SERIES User Manual, 375.07 KB,. Ecler DACORD SB208 User Manual, 150.04 KB,. Ecler DAM514 User Manual, 3.83 MB,. Ecler DAM614 User Manual, 2.11. View and Download Ecler Nuo5 user manual online. PROFESSIONAL AUDIO CONTROLLER. Nuo5 DJ Equipment pdf manual download. MANUEL UTILISATEUR. PROFESSIONAL AUDIO CONTROLLER.

Note 8 Manual

Talk-over fantastic, fully adjustable time and mitigation. It even has a second headphone output. It lacks a meter per channel for the perfect set. SOUNDS The test is really surprising transparency preamps micro ring, and corrections are very effective. When vocal performances, there is no return on presets quickly.

The talk-over function is forgotten djs, and super interesting for speech animation games, birthdays, and presentation of documents or events that can be performed with a single micro hf autonomously using this feature! ECLER thank you!

The blast is low, no discomfort to deplore that side. OVERALL OPINION I use it for quite some time, bought 18,000 francs at the time, and I had several other brands which recently in four copies, quickly sold after a few technical problems. I also have two other ECLER MIDRI MIX 3/2 to mix vinyl, super reliable and robust equipment. Torrent Scan Xl Professional here. Modularity is a perfect product, allowing customization by using selected wish. Super important: no irreparable surface components so we can fix anything on these models, even slices and box are customizable with paint when they are damaged, I did two of the other 4 that I bought in the status of a former nightclub, well-worn in 15 years of non-stop service, refurbished since! I regret just one meter per useful for accurate mix, this is my only regret. If it were to do again, I would sign his head down again.

In terms of price / quality ratio, I think it is more than anything else because no failure to date, and replacement of worn potentiometers time is normally easy to do, parts still available for the moment in ALPHA and SPLA. A big THANK YOU for this manufacturer.