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How To Activate An Unactivated Psn Card Code

I'm a mixture of depressed and angry. Long story short, I went to Walmart and bought two $50 PSN cards so I can buy that special edition of Destiny on the PS3 store. So I get home, try to enter the codes.

The PSN store won't take them. I call up Sony, they tell me to go to Walmart and get new ones. I then went to Walmart.

And guess what? They refuse to because the cards were scratched off. Ozeki Ng Sms Gateway Serial Number Keygen Mac there. When I get home, I call up Sony again. They tell me to take pictures of my cards, and receipt. I wait for a bit, and this is the response I get; 'Although your PSN cards: -snipped- is registered as active, the cards are giving an error message when we attempt to load the funds into your account.

How To Activate An Unactivated Psn Card Code

At this point, you will need to return the cards to your retailer for a refund or get replacement cards. We apologize for the inconvenience.' I was then instructed to mail in the cards by someone over the phone. I called up Sony again, explaining the problem, that Walmart refuses to do anything and guess what? Sony themselves refuse to do anything further. Now I'm out $100, and no game. Anyone know what I should do?

I just wanted to play Destiny, not to go through all this. Edit: 9/12/2014; 12:43 PM EST - Tweeted Edit: 9/12/2014; 1:57 PM EST - Picture evidence Edit: 9/14/2014; 12:30 PM EST - Talked with Support again, same answers, got nowhere Edit: 9/14/2014; 12:40 PM EST - Filed a complaint with BBB. Edit: 9/23/2014; 2:01 PM EST - Someone from Sony finally got back to me, but only to say they have no records of me even calling, or talking to anyone.

Solved: I bought a Playstation Plus 3 month membership online at Best Buy nut when I tried to redeem the code it said 'Code is inactive'. I'm thinking maybe they forgot to activate the card before they shipped it to me. Message 2 of. I'm sorry to hear that the PSN card you order arrived unactivated.

Edit: 9/24/2014; 4:34 PM EST - Sony went and told the BBB that the problem was resolved. The problem was not resolved. Sony refuses to do anything because they lost records of me ever talking to them about the problem. I used my PlayStation credit card to redeem a year of PS Plus three days before mine is set to expire. I type in the code and it adds a year onto my subscription.

I don't think about it anymore. Until three days later. All my old PS Plus games have disappeared.

The license is expired, the system tells me. We can't authorize the content. We can't reach the server. I go to the PlayStation Store and none of those games are listed as free. I chat with Sony. They apologize and make me run through troubleshooting steps that don't work, including deleting all the affected games entirely and downloading them all again, then just blames it on the short PSN outage happening (this was in mid-July this year). Check back in the morning after maintenance has finished.

That doesn't make sense, I tell him, because why would maintenance affect my personal licenses instead of like, my online play or whatever, but he just uselessly apologizes again so I ended the chat. I check back in the morning and of course nothing has changed. I chat again. New person, same troubleshooting. They blame it on the maintenance again and tell me to actually call tomorrow if it persists.

A couple days later, nothing had changed again so I call. Same troubleshooting again.

Tells me he'll talk to an engineer to get it fixed. But then I have to call again because it's all still the same three or four days later and the guy starts to run through troubleshooting and I flat out tell him that I'm not gonna do it. 'Check the logs. I've done it like five times.' I list all the steps from memory. 'Let's skip that,' I tell him. He also tells me that the previous guy I talked to didn't actually do anything and didn't even leave a log of the call or a ticket.

I'm pretty frustrated at this point, but I'm still nice and trying to work within the system. He tells me I'll need to call back in the morning and ask for a second tier engineer. I call back in the morning while I'm at work and immediately cut the guy off to tell him this is what I want.

He puts me on hold and I talk to a nice engineer lady. She apologizes and tells me that it's an error with the PS Plus voucher cards that they know about.

The solution is unfortunately to buy another subscription, then all my licenses will be restored automatically. I'm nice and happy that there's a solution and we joke a bit, then I hang up and buy a new subscription (I would've eventually anyway so not a huge deal) and all my PS Plus games came back. And now I'm covered for two years. And I don't use my PlayStation credit card anymore.

Keep on them. Tweet at them. Call them over and over. Explain that you've done this before or maybe even lie and say they told you to call back and request to speak with someone higher up. Eventually it will get resolved.

But yeah, Sony's customer service fucking blows. I've worked in customer service (from the 'Head Office' side), go up the chain.

Either Wallmart or Sony, or both, find their regional manager level email, forward on all the emails etc you have, along with your receipt and the pics you took of the cards. Explain the situation, and say you'll be escalating further in 48 hours if you haven't had a satisfactory response. Give them three days, the escalate with copies of the emails you sent to their regional manager. Repeat if needed, but in practice you'll never have to do this more than once. They'll sort you out, if only to avoid looking bad to their boss.

Oh, and in future use a card if possible for most purchases. Banks / card providers are actually surprisingly helpful in situations like this.